Travel Tips

Trixie supervises her owners whenever they are doing something fun. Along the way she has learned a few things she wants to share with her travel tips as this blog progresses.

The number one thing is, if you take your pet on a trip, never, ever leave it alone, whether the pet is in the car, or in a hotel room. They are not like luggage, they need attention and love. Leaving them alone makes them feel abandoned.

Dogs get thirsty on long trips! A collapsible fabric bowl works very well on the back seat when Trixie is on a long ride, and it is easy to stash away.

Trixie puts those back seat cupholders to work on trips by keeping water bottles in them, ready to refill her bowl. No need to buy more water, her Pop just refills them before each big trip.

Trixie’s Pop recycles old plastic bags from the stores to pick up her droppings.  When there isn’t a trash can handy though, it can get smelly, so he keeps a large tin cookie can with a tight fitting lid to pack the waste away until it can be put in its proper place without smelling up the car.

If you want to blog about your travels – keep your own private log, and then use it to post online after you are home from the trip.  That gives you time to edit and improve it – while making sure you are not telling bad people your home is unoccupied.  That’s how Pop is putting this blog up, well after our big travels.



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