Make a Travel Binder

One thing Trixie’s Pop does when travelling is he keeps everything organized in a half inch three ring binder with clear outside pockets. On the outside pocket he puts a cover sheet that has all the important information hotels need to know, including the make, model and license plate number of the car. On the inside pockets, he keeps the billing information from each hotel we stay at, and visitor information.

But the three ring binder part holds the important things! In the front, he has a listing of our itinerary, each page being a single day of where we plan to go, what we will see along the way, and the hotel we are staying at each night. He always lists at least two hotels, just in case something awful happens at the hotel we have made reservations at. On long trips he includes maps, and the reservations made through the travel agency.

The binder also has a page used for storing trading cards. Pop uses it to carry all the hotel discount cards he has collected, so his wallet isn’t four inches thick!

The back of the binder is the most important, because it has information about Trixie! There are copies of her rabies certificate and contact information for the vet, so everyone will know she is as healthy as she is a pretty dog.

Since the binder is so thin, it is easy to stick between the seat and the center console of the car, so he can pull it out and refer to it whenever he is not sure where we are.

Pop made up instructions on how to make your own  Travel Binder – download it and see how easy it is!



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