Trixie is a little Bishon-Poodle mix who loves to travel around the country with her owners in search of interesting places to visit. She has been as far west as Utah to see canyons and buffalo, as far south as Florida to see swamps and alligators, and as far north as Cape Breton in Canada to see the cliffs of the Cabot Trail and whales.

She has been pestering her owners to take her on even more trips, and thought one way she could help pay for them was to share her experience on the road and provide advice to people who want to take their pets on trips too.


Trixie’s Mum, Bette, is a retired third grade teacher from New Hampshire who loves to travel whenever possible


Trixie’s Pop is John Hirtle, a writer-photographer who drives Trixie and her Mum to all these amazing places. He is also the one transcribing these tales, since she is too smart to learn how to type on a computer.  You might be interested in what else he can do for you.


Trixie’s Boy, Erik, is her Mum’s grandchild who once loved to travel. But he is growing up, and cannot find the time to travel as much as he used to because of teenage boy things.


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