Day 10 – Visiting Sanibel Island

Sanibel Island Light

Sanibel Island Light

After a so-so breakfast, we drove on through the utter maze of roads in Fort Myers to the west to get to Sanibel Island; $6 admission for a car to drive across bridges and causeways to get there. Mum and Pops had visited there 30 years ago, and in the intervening years it was leveled by a hurricane, then rebuilt into a tourist trap, with mini-malls, gift boutiques and restaurants – the last time we were there, they were lucky to have a hamburger stand.

We went to view the lighthouse at the southern tip of the island – a metal skeleton type, similar to one we saw near Salem Massachusetts. The views were quite nice, as was the beach – plenty of pictures were to be taken.  This is one reason we try to visit lighthouses, because they often have great views to admire, as well as seeing the tower itself.


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