Day 7 – Kennedy Space Center

The Space Shuttle Boosters

The Space Shuttle Boosters

From there, it was a drive to the Kennedy Space Center, to see its exterior; admission is $50 per head, and parking is another $10 – not to mention the souvenirs.  The vast parking lots and endless lines of tour busses and cars departing – as this was the end of the day – is testament to how NASA now raises money to go to the stars by selling tourist tickets to view their achievements on the ground.

We could see the rocket garden – and the booster rocket for the shuttle standing over it’s display hangar, like some sort of tombstone. We got as close to the fence as we dared, peered over it, then drove away as quickly as we could, lest they sic space chimps on us for admiring the views without paying for it.

We drove back to the hotel by A1A, a slow, congested drive.  In fact, you would never know you were on a barrier island if it were not for the bridges. We did see the Port Canaveral docks, which was impressive, as massive cruise ships waited patiently for their guests to board before taking them on voyages across the tropical seas.

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