Day 7 – Sights near Rockledge

The Playhouse in Historic Cocoa

The Playhouse in Historic Cocoa

After lunch, they led us on a tour around the community; everything is less than 10 years old; the hospital, a mere two years old, the circular shopping plaza called the Avenues with a center garden where concerts are played slightly older – all of this was once farmland to grow sod, celery or cattle – now it will be a huge planned community. They even have a planned nature preserve that we drove down to see herons, ibis, the odd eagle, and a few gators.

Mum is delighted with the entire prospect, and is ready to move down there right now; Trixie is not so sure after hearing accounts of the poisonous snakes and gators.

Once our visit was over, we paused in Historic Cocoa, a street of shops to examine the local wares; Trixie liked it because of the ambiance to Portsmouth, and they have a playhouse there. And yes, it is quite nice, we even found a few items of note to bring home.


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