Day 7 – Visiting friends

Everglades near Rockledge

Everglades near Rockledge

Today was dedicated to visiting friends in Rockledge, Florida – they are in a planned community inside that town called Viera.

The settlement itself looks like something out of a California Movie Set or “Desperate Housewives” – pristine lawns, nearly identical homes, and a sense of desolation. But they like it there. Their house is a typical one – a two car garage with a laundry antechamber are on the left side of the front door, the kitchen and dining area are to the right. It opens to a large central room with a high ceiling, and a bedroom to the right and left rear corners; and a guest bathroom to the left, with an additional door exiting out onto the rear shaded patio and pool area. The pool itself is quite nice, if small, and it is covered over by a huge screen house; beyond it is one of the many canals that criss-cross the region to help with drainage during storms.


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