Day 6 – Escaping the Colonial Quarter

Castillo de San Marcos seen from the Colonial Quarter's watchtower

Castillo de San Marcos seen from the Colonial Quarter’s watchtower

To one side, there was a stage, and a leather shop; little else. Down the other way, there was a short tower I climbed to get mediocre views of the fort and such – kids would have liked that, and the ‘arsenal’ of guns, complete with rifles for kids to grab and defend the fort against pirates or whatever.

The most galling part was the ‘ship’ they were building – on the map it looked half completed, but the ‘display’ was only a few ribs on a keel – made from pressure treated decking from a home improvement store. It was like expecting a whole chicken dinner, and then being handed a plate of dried chicken bones. Perhaps this is what qualifies as a high quality attraction – AAA rated it as a gem – but it was pretty bad to anyone who wanted an authentic experience you would find at Williamsburg, Jamestown or Charleston.

We staggered out of there, and went on to the real authentic old site – Castillo de San Marcos – the oldest fortress in the continental United States, now a national park.

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