Day 6 – Morning in St. Augustine

St. Augustine's City Gates

St. Augustine’s City Gates and St. Georges Street

We awoke early enough to pack up and ship out of the hotel before 8:00 – and got a prime parking spot at Castillo de San Marcos, the National Park fortress that was a mere block or so from the hotel. Everything was still rather closed up, so we explored part of the pedestrian mall called St. George Street, which held some of the oldest houses in the oldest city in the United States. The old city gates still stand at the north end of this ancient road, so we inspected them before finding some breakfast.

We found a breakfast spot for bagels & milk – a good sitting spot out of the wind – it was overcast, damp, windy and cool with a threat of rain, so we donned our winter coats to stay warm. The little square was part of another hotel, with rooms on the upper floor to keep the lower levels open for shops.


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