Day 5 – Onto Tybee Island Light

We then went through the narrative of the Eighth Air Force’s history – a safe house to one side, and a POW camp display to the other – past cases of mementos donated by various servicemen who had flown against Germany from southeast England. Here the narrative got a bit thinner and repetitive. One thing that showed up too often were souvenir knives from the SA – Nazi Brownshirts – which were exterminated before the war to cement Hitler’s hold on the German military. As you know, anything can be sold as a souvenir, whether it is a true item or not.

Tybee Island Light is open to the public.

Tybee Island Light is open to the public.

Once the museum was done, we drove southward to Tybee Lighthouse, a magnificent tower that is a beacon at the mouth of the Savannah River. With an open field and somewhat clearing skies, it offered a splendid sight. Pops didn’t go into it to climb the stairs to the top –we simply did not have time for him to scale the lofty heights, and peer over yet another set of old Endicott era bunkers that lined the shore.  One of the bunkers appeared to have been claimed by the VFW or American Legion as their hangout.



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