Day 4 – Wrapping up a full day

Fort Moultrie, with a World War 2 tower upgrade.

Fort Moultrie, with a World War 2 tower upgrade.

Once back in the car, Mum insisted on going to the Old Charleston Port – we made it there with just an hour to view it, and were assured by employees that they would lock us in if we were not out of there at the appointed hour – no public announcements, nothing, tough luck, and thanks for visiting. We paid, and once Mum went in, she realized how BIG the site was- so we gave up on it, visiting the exhibit hall, and escaping with time to spare.

A visit to Fort Moutrie on the Northern side of the Harbor was our penultimate stop – it was closed for the day, but we walked a little on the beach, and walked in front of the brick fort that replaced the original Palmetto log fort of long ago. That first fort is why they opted to put the Palmetto on their seal; it defied a British fleet in a duel of 31 American Cannon against a foe with 300 cannon. The next time the British struck, they bypassed the fort entirely.

The views there were impressive, but flat – the coast a long dark line in the slowly setting sun, with nary a hill to be noted. No wonder the Sullivan Island Light, which we saw on the way back, was so tall – and angularly ugly, looking more like an end station for a fort than a lighthouse.

After a brief drive over to Patriots Point to see what we could, we returned to the hotel for a well deserved nap.


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