Day 3: Arriving in Charleston, South Carolina

We eventually had to stop and refill the car, but nice filling stations seem to be few and far between here.  But we did find one.  Presumably a prosperous town lies nearby, because the gas station attendant was busy locking up and rolling down steel shudders that would have been about adequate to keep the walking dead at bay. Yes, North Carolina was shaping up to be everything Pops had heard it was.

We made it out of that state and into South Carolina under the cloak of darkness – and the entertainment of “Captain’s Duty” – an audio book by Captain Phillips, who had been seized by Somali Pirates in 2010, and was rescued by Navy Seals.

Approach Charleston at night, and you won’t see the city – its too dark, and low. You will see the highways, which snake around like they were laid out by a kid gone crazy with a hot wheel stunt set. Luckily, we found out way across the bridge to Mount Pleasant, and to the hotel – far too late for Trixie’s tastes, but the room was quiet, clean, and when you’re tired, that’s all that really counts.


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