Day 3: More Marine History

Ceremonies under the glass spire of the museum.

Ceremonies under the glass spire of the museum.

Trixie went through bravely, and was quiet as a mouse inside her carriage, despite the explosions and sounds of the recreations of the battles the Marines had fought over their two hundred year history. The dioramas were incredibly realistic, especially the ones from the Korean War.

Most of the exhibits Pops had seen before when we had taken Trixie’s boy to Williamsburg a few years earlier – and I-95 was not the mess we found it in. But at the end, they had two new addition – a piece of the Pentagon façade, and a twisted I-Bean from the trade center – two poignant reminders that you could touch to remind you of the origins of the mess we were in right now.

As we exited, the sounds of music filled the air – and we found ourselves in the midst of a retirement ceremony for a US Marine gunny who had served for over thirty odd years, being given a proper send off. A live Marine band played at the base of the elevator, four or five brass players, and the acoustics under the glass spire were astonishing.


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