Day 2: Replanning a destination

The U.S. Marine Corps Museum

The U.S. Marine Corps Museum

Those who have never been to Washington DC are best advised to leave the car home, and stick to their marvelous public transit system, because the traffic there moves slower than molasses in midwinter. Worse, we had arrived just before the rush hour, and it took us a good two hours to cross from the Washington DC area into Virginia, where the traffic continued to crawl – delaying us in getting to our destination.

We arrived at the U.S. Marine Corps Museum in Quantico, Virginia just before it closed for the day. The museum is shaped like a mound, or a bunker where the Marines expect to have their last stand for Armageddon. The heart of the circular mound is pierced by an angled spar or mast that evokes the flag-raising at Iwo Jima- their proudest moment. Around the spar is a vast glass tent, where life sized aircraft hang like models from the ceiling, in the huge inner chamber where special events are held.

We made it in, and after considering it, Mum and Trixie decided we could visit the gift shop then, and we could backtrack to visit the museum first thing in the morning – without the need to visit the gift shop. Had it not been for the tragic traffic, we would have had plenty of time, but you have to be flexible.


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