Wrapping up the trek around Lake Winnipesaukee

Another view of Wolfeboro's coast.

Another view of Wolfeboro’s coast.

In Wolfeboro, a few shops do remain stubbornly open in the grip of winter, but for the most part the town and its attractions, such as the Wright Museum of World War Two, are sleeping through the winter. It is well worth a visit during the warmer part of the year to see the place come alive.

Passing Brewster Academy, the Huggins Hospital and regional high school in quick succession, keep in mind former Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney has a lakeshore residence in this area – well away from Route 28, that vanishes back into the great New Hampshire Woods.

At this point, you can return to Alton Bay, the start of the trek, or just follow Route 28 back towards the Spaulding Turnpike to head north or south; a leisurely trek usually takes us well over three hours to complete, but when you’re snowbound in New England it makes for a good day trip and a change of scenery


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