Visiting Wolfeboro

Wolfeboro's docks - the brick tower is the town offices.

Wolfeboro’s docks – the brick tower is the town offices.

As the Colonial Governor John Wentworth had a summer estate built in Wolfeboro in 1771, Wolfeboro proudly declares itself to be the “Oldest Summer Resort in America”. Like New England summers, Governor Wentworth did not have long to enjoy his retreat in Wolfeboro, as the Revolution and American Patriots evicted him from the colony in 1776.

The present town, filled with a collection of tidy 19th century homes and structures huddle around the small channel that links the Back Bay to Lake Winnipesaukee, adding ample dock space to make the town a top destination for summertime boaters on the lake.

Turning right as soon as you cross the bridge, you will get into a parking area that offers splendid silent views of Wolfeboro’s iced in docks, and the frozen lake beyond it. In season, this is one of the destinations of the Mount Washington, and even in the depths of winter it offers unique views of the town and lake.


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