A Side Trip For Autumn

Wonalancet in the Autumn season - Trixie doesn't trust the road enough to make the trek in the car during the Winter.

Wonalancet in the Autumn season – Trixie doesn’t trust the road enough to make the trek in the car during the Winter.

Just a side note:

Should you take this trek during the warmer part of the year, you may be tempted to head northward towards Center Sandwich. The road is neither wide nor well traveled, so Trixie has yet to go in that direction during the winter, but during the colorful foliage season, it makes for a good trek that passes by forgotten lakes and ancient stone walls before it reaches the tiny town. With two large churches, and no real sign of retail stores or modern civilization beyond the Post Office, it is a step back into time.

And here, you can step back even further.

Heading north at the common, you follow the signpost that points to Whiteface and Wonalancet along Route 113. While passable, this narrow road can shift from pavement to potholes as you continue on to Route 113A, which forks northward still, through woods, streams and fields. Soon enough, in gaps in the trees to your left, you will start to see the Sandwich Mountains, which are the southerly foothills of the White Mountains.

The true prize awaits you at Wonalancet, which bursts out unexpectedly. Forests give way to a huge hayfields tended by a few farmers in the shadow of the mountains, offering delightful vistas for the photographer, and there between forest and field is a pretty little church sitting alone under the clear quiet skies patiently waiting for its scatter congregation to arrive for service.

Route 113A makes a sharp right in front of the church, which is as far north as you can go by road in this part of New Hampshire without following the Spaulding Turnpike to the east, or Interstate 93 to the west. If you keep following it as it returns to 113 proper, you will eventually arrive at the Spaulding Turnpike to head north into the mountains, or south back to the Seacoast.

But, back to our winter drive….


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