The port of Meredith

Where there's ice, there's fishing shanties on the lake just offshore from Meredith's docks.

Where there’s ice, there’s fishing shanties on the lake just offshore from Meredith’s docks.

Driving straight out along Weirs Beach, there is a tall hill that gives some good high views of the lake, but much of it is blocked by the rise of condos next to the shore side rail line. It swoops down, and provides some good views of the lake before it turns inland again to rejoin Route 3, which we follow past more slumbering farmland towards Meredith.

Meredith New Hampshire is quite a seaport on this side of the lake, with a large number of docks and a fine lakeside walkway that provides fine views of the finger-like harbor that points its way northward. Here Lake Winnipesaukee’s grasp slowly gives way to the low hills that herald the White Mountains to the north.

Meredith is also a good place to stop for gas, food or other necessities as much of the route we follow from here is through a more rural landscape. At a crossroads, you can continue following Route 3, which rejoins Interstate 93, or at the rather confusing congested stoplights next to a large ornate lakeside hotel, you take a right onto Route 25 and head on to Center Harbor – which we follow to continue our trek around the lake to one of the most unusual sights to see during the winter season.

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