Winter Drives in New Hampshire

Alton Bay, New Hampshire

Alton Bay, New Hampshire

A fine clear day plus snow during a New Hampshire winter is a prime time to take a drive – assuming the roadways are all clear. Trixie loves to take a day trek to see some of these sights, and in between her ‘big’ treks thought it would be timely to share a day trip for those looking for a scenic drive. Traffic is usually light, and the crisp cold air makes for some stunning snow-covered vistas.

Besides, with all the politicians running around with the Presidential Primaries, it might be nice to have something non-political about the state.

Lake Winnipesaukee is the largest body of water within the borders of New Hampshire. Once called “The Lake of the Woods” by early explorers, it was considered a prime hunting area, and a possible connection to the Pacific. The hunting is not what it was, and they know the Pacific is a long way away now, but it still draws tourists, fishermen and vacationers from all around the region.


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