Day 23 – Visiting Norman Rockwell’s Museum

The Norman Rockwell Museum

The Norman Rockwell Museum

Here we made our last stop, at the Norman Rockwell Museum, a place Granny had visited years ago – and something on our bucket list. And here we had the only trouble with Trixie in her carriage, as the zealous ladies at the desk were not sure if they should let her in, lest her cuteness soil the precious works of art. Luckily, the guard gave us an okay, and we got in.

Seeing the art – the few examples on display – was quite impressive – a picture can convey the scene, but the actually medium makes it come alive, the same way one has to see a mountain to appreciate its size and beauty. Here there were some of the concept sketches, showing the process Rockwell used to flesh out ideas into his masterpieces.

A display on Disney art was also present – the art of Snow White, showing sketches, models and unused concepts that didn’t make it into the film.


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