Day 22 – The Baseball Museum

Artifacts on display at the Museum.

Artifacts on display at the Museum.

We were worried about missing out on it, but luckily, it is open until 9:00 pm. But we only had the energy to tour part of the sprawling facility. The second floor was the main area of attack, and after visiting the room commemorating the ‘invention’ of baseball.  Prototype balls, primitive catcher’s masks and mitts, all stained and worn from use and age were on exhibit next to the early trophies and logos of the initial teams of baseball.

From there, it was onward through that modern museum maze they are so fond of, black walls and iconic display cases filled with the rare artifacts of the early days of baseball – the first catcher’s facemask, the early bats and gloves and trophies, as the game grew, evolved and prospered. Babe Ruth had his own special section, as did Reggie Jackson; and at the end, was a sort of locker room with modern relics from all the teams, such as an electric guitar commemorating the centennial of Fenway Park.


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