Day 22 – A Bottleneck at the Falls

Niagara Falls from the American Side

Niagara Falls from the American Side

We found a good spot to park near the falls, and after a number of false starts because of poor signage, discovered the only ‘easy’ way to the falls was via a tiny bottleneck of a visitor’s center with one elevator that bore the scrawled words ‘elevator’ printed on a piece of worn paper and taped upon the doors that had large useless icons painted upon them.

The stairs were steep, narrow, and as twisted as the devious designer who had created this puny outer annex to a madhouse attraction. The mobs are insane, spurred on by the fact that this is an extended holiday weekend, as July 1 is Canada’s Independence day, and hordes of happy Canadians are streaming across the border to take advantage of cheap US prices and ignoring their own local VAT taxes that support a better level of living than what can be found in the US.

Since the gift shop in the bowels of the center’s basement was free of hordes of every race and creed of humanity that were swarming around like ants on honey, we stopped there first; then on to the falls through the narrow glass doors on the far end of the basement…


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