Day 22 – Niagara, New York

High rises and decay meet in Niagara.

High rises and decay meet in Niagara.

After a late start, we navigated the endless hallways of the hotel near Niagara Falls, and checked out; this is the only other hotel we have stayed at where parking was a major issue during our trek.

Consulting the maps, we determined there was parking near the falls, and we drove over, spending $10 on the oldest state park in the country – and the oldest tourist trap too by the skyline, looking back. The best comparison of the cityscape is to compare it to a collision of Las Vegas and a less attractive section of Camden, the glowing glitz of high rises hemmed in by narrow decaying streets and a variety of unfriendly fences guarding the contents of vast parking lots.

Casinos, hotels, malls, concessions of every sort crowded the slim strip to streamline the endless transfer of money from tourists pockets into the local economy. Souvenirs, no matter how tacky, cheap or questionable were more abundant that the water pouring over the nearby falls, all designed to snag whatever money was left over from visitors after they paid hefty ticket prices at every turn for a glimpse of the famous falls.


One thought on “Day 22 – Niagara, New York

  1. Moritz

    I really like these “real” impressions of the Niagara Falls. While tjhe falls are totally beautiful, I kind of hated everything around the falls. Too touristic, too much money making…



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