Day 20 – a glimpse of Lake Michigan

Lake Michigan

Lake Michigan

Unlike the other coastlines we have driven, where there are periodic views and vistas of the magnificent bodies of water, Michigan is almost wholly hidden by crowded beachfront properties, built atop of each other so nary a speck of lakefront or sand dune can be glimpsed between the buildings that ranged from quaint to outright ugly. We finally found an ‘unloading zone’ for some steep town beach at the bottom of a steep sand dune cliff, where we could view the elusive Great Lake of Michigan.

Then with a huff of disgust from Trixie, we set off for Ann Arbor, Michigan.

We had just crossed the border into Michigan, and passed the first exit when again the folly of road construction reared its ugly head, impeding our progress. For half an hour we sat still in the cool confines of the car, awaiting the wall of semis to move. When they lumbered forward, ever so slowly through six miles of construction zone – of which only the last mile seemed to have any construction at all – it was at a snail’s pace. We pulled off at Exit 23 for lunch to let this herd of highway hooligans move along. And sure enough, once they had lumbered away in their overloaded big rigs, the traffic improved immensely.

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