Day 20 – The Indiana Sand Dunes

Indiana's lone lighthouse

Indiana’s lone lighthouse

The Indiana National Sand Dunes Park was the next stop, and again, they have no address – they are just ‘there’ stuck in the unclaimed unusable sections of the lakeshore. After driving to the west parking lot, which was set up to extract a small ransom for admission to a beach, we were given cryptic instructions to get to the visitor’s center – and we eventually found it, wasting quite a bit of time. The overworked rangers were busy and clueless, and the empty exhibit areas I could see were pathetic, as it was designed more for lectures and demonstrations.

With that, we drove on to Indiana’s lone lighthouse, and found it. Pops took a few photos of the landlocked building, and was told by a curious curator that the museum would be open in an hour or so, and the shoreline was once nearby – but it had been filled in to create a magnificent park you had to pay to get into. We were then escorted off the neatly manicured grounds, and set off again, in search of Lake Michigan.

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