Day 20 – A driving day

Congestion in Chicago.

Congestion in Chicago.

Today was a series of disappointments that became a driving day only.

The hotel we stayed at, the Best Western Clocktower Resort sounded great on paper, but in reality it was a sprawling decaying shell of its former promises. No shops, only one of two promised restaurants, beautiful empty pools and a labrynth of endless hallways that surrounded a dank green courtyard. Road noise from the nearby highway was muted at least, but the comings and goings of the neighboring inmates and their yappy dogs could be easily heard. The worst disappointment was the breakfast, served in the defunct restaurant – the waitress was no where to be found when Pops arrived, but she popped up noisily when he was preparing a modest dish to take back to the room. Apparently, taking food out of the restaurant was forbidden.

So it was cereal bars for breakfast for Mum and Pops.  Trixie had her usual fare.

The main route out of Rockford to Detroit passes directly through Chicago, and for thirty-five miles of it, we were delayed by road construction that had ripped up half the road to enlarge it. Thus an hour’s drive was drawn out to two or so hours as we threaded our way around these massive obstacles, and got to see the hazy skyline of the city – and nothing else.

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