Day 19 – Onto Illinois

Pops and Trixie pose in front of the visitor's center at Prairie Du Chen.

Pops and Trixie pose in front of the visitor’s center at Prairie Du Chen.

A pause is made in Prairie Du Chen – Trixie’s birthplace of record. Trixie has been acting antsy since the Badlands, insisting on squirming up to the front seat to sit in Mum’s lap.  Pops suspects it is because we are getting closer to this spot. After lunch, she relaxes for a time in the back seat to snooze – before sneaking back front to lie in Mom’s lap for the rest of the drive.

Route 60, a scenic drive along the Wisconsin River to Frank Lloyd Wright’s home is partially closed due to a landslide according to the park ranger at Effigy Mounds, so we take a more direct route to Rockford, arriving at the Clock Tower Resort, a sprawling complex far past its prime. The place is mostly deserted, and would make a good set for a horror movie with the long uneven corridors lined with charcoal black bricks that quietly twist in uncomfortable directions to disorient zombies lurking about.  The huge pool / waterpark area looks pristine and vacant, and is near the end of Pop’s long quest to find the only working vending machine in the place.

It is early for a change, and has a passable room service – so we turn in extra early to recoup our strength for the last legs of this epic odyssey.


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