Day 17 – The Corn Palace

Work being done at the Corn Palace.

Work being done below corny murals at the Corn Palace.

Time was running short, so after lunch, we did a drive-by of St, Joseph’s Indian School and Museum – and impressive campus under construction – and did take time to re-cross the Missouri River on a local bridge – before driving on the see the Corn Palace in Mitchell.

This is a massive edifice the size of a city block, whose sides are covered each year with massive murals made out of corn products – the ears, kernels, stalks and so on. This year the colors are muted, because last year’s drought took its toll of corn that provided other hues like blue, Pops get out – and then Mum does – to view the spectacle that is being assembled for this year by busy workers who are using nail guns to attach the corn to plywood panels to make vivid enkerneled pictures that smell like a dry old barn.

It must be a very important place since they got a grant from Homeland Security to protect it from terrorists.


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