Day 17 – Moving on from Sod to Minutemen

17-IMG_5572A separate root cellar and chicken coop are more rudely done, in a similar fashion – but without a wood front of the house, and from the side and back, these bunker-like dwellings blend into the landscape as if they were never there. An outhouse and a barn are the only real structures in view, the barn holding chickens, goats, a mare and colt, and an ancient rusted Model T Ford.

The next stop is the Minuteman Missile Heritage Site – ICBMs of this type were planted throughout the Dakotas as they were the closest, and least assessable points to the old Soviet Union in the advent of a nuclear war.

The center is a bust though; this was a control station and visitor’s center, the actual silos are along the I-90 corridor going west to Wall – and we are going east. After topping off the gas tank again, and having an ice cream from the de facto tourist trap / gas station that obscured the center (and watching more prairie dogs) we get on I-90 and drive east.

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