Day 15 – A stormy end to the day

The Black Hills

The Black Hills

A tempest was brewing, and we make for the car, and beat a hasty retreat to Custer. We make it just as the rain begins coming down in big heavy drops, and find the Pizza Hut for dinner. Mum suggested that Pops wait for the storm to pass or lighten up, but he went in to place the order – just before the heavens opened up in a deluge. At least the rain calmed down by the time that the pizza was ready, and we made it to the hotel just as thunder and lightening began striking in earnest.

At Mum’s urging, Pops unloaded the car under the hotel carport, despite the fact that it would have been quicker and easier to do it at the far end of the hotel where our room was located, right under a roomful of noisy kids who were eager to take a dip in the indoor swimming pool in the midst of the thunderstorm. Trixie set them straight though – we encountered them in the hallway when Pops took her out to do her business, and after their surprise at seeing a dog in the hotel, we asked them – politely – to keep the noise down.

Considering this is the worst weather we have encountered thus far, we have been very lucky!

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