Day 15 – The Mount Rushmore Experience

The grand viewing area of Mount Rushmore

The grand viewing area of Mount Rushmore

A wide curved columnade of granite acts as an opening area, with information to right – and restrooms to the left. After a stop at the rest rooms, a narrow gauntlet take us past Bourglum’s black bust – he sculpted the monument – and into the tourist plaza, with food services to the right, and the massive gift shop to the left. The final tourist-choked gauntlet is through the avenue of flags, a set of columns each column flying four different state flags, with the state and the date of admission carved in the side – arranged alphabetically. When Mum realizes this, a picture next to the New Hampshire flag – on the left side, pointing out to the west – is called for.

Then we exit onto the grand viewing platform – the peak of the mountain, with its four Presidents – Washington, Jefferson, Roosevelt and Lincoln – was apparent, peering down from above, perhaps disapprovingly of the temple of commerce below their lofty perch.


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