Day 14: Bighorn Mountains

The "Fallen City" rock formation

The “Fallen City” rock formation on the eastern side of the Bighorn Mountains

Eventually, we climb out of the crack and drive across the high plateau that is the summer range for cattle and sheep; with such wide open spaces and rolling green hills, it is hard to believe we are 7000 feet above sea level. But that issue is soon put to rest as we have to descend down the other side, along a wider chasm than before, passing queer rock formations such as the Fallen City and cliffs until we reach the plains far, far below.

We pause in Sheridan for lunch, and then continue east along I-90, which is riddled with construction sites. The plains here are more vivid than Nebraska, the bright red rock and soil peeking up through the greenery. Along the way though, we did pass a strip mine, revealing the rich black coal seams that lie beneath the surface here.


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