Day 13: Firehole Canyon

By this time, the tourists are out in force, choking the parking lots with their cars and campers, creating such a traffic jam at the Artists Paint Pots that we abandon any hope of peering at them, and after turning around and braving more dangers than driving along one of those narrow canyon roads, we get out of there.

Luckily, there is so much to see in this vast park, especially the western side of the vast figure 8 layout of the roads. We were told earlier by locals there was a lot of road work being done on the northwestern section of the park road, and given our limitations we can’t possibly see everything.

But we take advantage of what we can see, following the older main road – now a one-way route – through Firehole Canyon, where the water is actually hot and steaming as it roils through the ashen canyon. Indeed, in many places, the ground is steaming, hinting at the forces lurking below the surface.

Firehole Falls

Firehole Falls


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