Day 12: Entering southern Yellowstone

Moose Falls on Crawfish Creek

Moose Falls on Crawfish Creek

Then it’s onto Yellowstone. Our ticket gives us access to both parks for seven days for a mere $25. We arrive in short order, and I make my first visit to Crawfish Creek, a poorly titled small river that has a huge waterfall coming off of it – but this is typical of western standards. Further on, we pass Lewis Lake, and the Lewis Falls, which flows over the visible edge of the original Yellowstone caldera.

We cross the Continental Divide – the first of several times, as it zig-zags through the park, pause at the Lewis Falls, and marvel at the ravines and chasms that edges the road with their rivers far below, often littlered with the grey skeletons of fallen trees from a fire that took place decades ago. Time moves slowly here. At one point, Pops got to see three moose or elk in the valley far below.

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