Day 11: Logan Pass

Logan Canyon

Logan Canyon

We depart and drive north to Logan, Utah, and Logan Pass. The further north we go, the less colorful the rocks have become. Around the Salt Lake, the colors were muted by the white of the salts I suppose, but all along our drive yesterday and now today, the colors shift to the grey granite and lighter colored sands, yellow and white. Lush farmland and fields crowd in along the highway, giving way to the mountains outside of Logan, where we pause for gas and a bite to eat.

Then, into the mountainous pass.

Again, this is another scenic wonder, threading our way through massive mountains that make the Kangamangus Highway look like a drive along the seashore in Rye. Grays and whites dominate the stone colors here, with alpine fields and forests stretching out on and around these peaks. Sometimes we are rising up on a long slope, sometimes down, but there are few steep cliffs to worry about – time has worn the edges off of these cliffs to a certain degree. There are few easy pulloffs along this narrow road to pause and enjoy the majesty of this pass, but we make due when we can.


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