Day 10: Driving To Salt Lake City

Views of Red Rock Canyon

Views of Red Rock Canyon

It was a relief of sorts to reach I-15, and start driving north, where only expansive fields of farmland and distant mountains taller than Mount Washington could clearly be seen. Just a straight flat road without the surprises around every corner and no switchbacks to fret about. It wasn’t until we got to the metropolis of Salt Lake City that some of the road signs became confusing, but here the roads are wide, and in the city itself, everything is set up on a broad grid iron plan that is forgiving to drivers unfamiliar with the terrain.

We arrived at Salt Lake City, and attempted to visit the tabernacle there – but alas, there is no easy parking, other than the cavernous recesses of an underground garage, and we are too exhausted to do much more – we circle the block twice, snapping some photos and catching sight of the light rail train that services the city before driving on north to Leyton to the hotel.


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