Day 10: Bryce Point

View from Bryce Point

View from Bryce Point

We drive on to Bryce Point, and Pops tackled the hike out to the viewpoint, a stiff walk out to a promontory that offers a 270 degree view of the sprawling canyon below, the forests and mountains beyond, where barren stone gives way to forest and fields.

The next stop is a similar hike – but easier because of the concrete walkway, and far more lonely, since campers and busses do not visit it – yet. For this reason, we see some of the ground squirrels running about before reaching another promontory for pictures. In both cases, Mum and remains with the car while Pops am gone and then Mum ventures to the nearby railing to view the still spectacular views from there, rather than from the far-flung edges of the abyss. Most of these stops have solid stone and wood railings, which make it easier to feel safe – as opposed to the scattered remains of the old pipe and chain link fencing railings that were less invasive on the scenery, but were bent, warped and rusted from decades of tourists leaning on them.

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