Day 10: Sunset Point

Sunset Point

Sunset Point

At Sunset point, we spend extra time, taking Trixie in her carriage along the shorter, paved pathways. Trixie attracts a fair amount of attention on this trek for whatever reason, and we spend plenty of time here and at other stops talking to people rather than grasping the views.

At Sunset, Pops descend into the canyon a short ways, and found an otherwise ignored path to a gated hole in one of the fin-walls that juts out from the crumbling paste-white canyon walls. The hidden view beyond is impressive, the spires reaching up from the darkened depths of the canyon below. Mum and Trixie await above, a good two stories above me as he descended and then returned on a sloped trail that tourists from tour busses are swarming. Curiously, despite warnings that this is the most crowded of parks, the crowds are not too bad.


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