Day 10: Sunrise Point

Mule Deer seen at Bryce

Mule Deer seen at Bryce

On the way to Sunrise Point, we encounter some mule deer – they are really the first large animals we have seen in any of the parks, and we are delighted at the sight as they cautiously move across the field before we find our way to the point. Like many of these places, they are a distance from the parking areas- for now.

We spy some riders on their horses going down into the canyon, and take numerous pictures of them, the spires and the vast plains beyond that vanish over the horizon. During the day, we manage to spy what must be Navajo Mountain, which lies far, far to the south in Arizona

These formations are of limestone, not sandstone – and perhaps because limestone is softer, like clay, than sandstone, they can stand upright for years on end. But these are fragile formations in shades of orange and white. Their time is more limited than the sandstone formations we have thus far seen, and the viewpoints are eroding back at a relatively quick rate. In a century, some of the spots we stand upon, marveling at these wonders may be gone, just dust in the deep canyon below.



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