Day 10 – The Night Sky

Trixie needed to go out in the middle of the night – at first you could call that an annoyance, until she dragged Pops outside and they stared up at the nighttime sky – Stars, brighter than you might see at home twinkled as they might have in the era before light pollution, and amidst it all, this thin veil of white that could only be the Milky Way, streaked across the skies like a fog upon a midnight sea. It was very humbling, and had it not been so cold, and Mum worried that a bear might catch and eat us, we might have stayed out longer to gawk at the nighttime scenery.


Bryce Canyon – even after all we have seen thus far, it again beggars description.

We have seen a progression of landforms on this trip, from thick stocky mesas of Colorado to the fins and openings in Arches, then the weird forms through Capitol Reef, each new sight becoming thinner and thinner until we view those at Bryce, where a city of pinnacles stands silently in the Amphitheater at Sunrise and sunset point, a forest of orange stone capped in white, defying gravity as they tower over a hidden canyon floor far below.


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