Day 9: Anasazi State Park

Canyons and a river west of Boulder, Utah

Canyons and a river west of Boulder, Utah

Boulder is our next stop, at the Anasazi State Park – they found the largest settlement of this ancient forgotten people west of the Colorado River here – although goodness knows how many hide in this landscape. The museum is small and well done, it is filled with artifacts and dioramas showing the relics unearthed on the site.  The protected ruins behind the museum are an interesting sight, protected from the elements, but open enough for you to ponder what happened to these vanished people.

Now we turn to Bryce, and the lush greenry melts away again. We find ourselves on a tightrope of a highway, precariously perched atop a long narrow ridge with barren valleys stretching out far below on either side, bleached white in the sun. The insane ride drives like a roller coaster, going to the depths of a green oasis in the red cracks of the cliffs, and back up to the heights of the plateaus that dominate these lands.


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