Day 9: A cabin in Capitol Reef

The Behunin Cabin

The Behunin Cabin

The road twists and turned, with the scenery wildly varying from pockets of green to barren desolation until we reach the border of Capitol Reef, and the narrow chasm that a river carved through it. We follow this, and amidst the sheer walls – more white than red most of the time – we find an abandoned farmhouse of stone, barely larger than 20 x 12 that once housed ten people – the boys got more room by enlarging one of the dugouts – hollow pits in the walls that are roughly smooth and make it look like Swiss cheese. The girls lived in the wagon box. The farm was abandoned after a flash flood destroyed their crops – this is an unmentioned danger in these slot canyons Pops didn’t bother to bring up to mum – but it only happens in late summer, when the torrential rains come.


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