Day 8: Arches National Park

Driving up into Arches National Park

Driving up into Arches National Park

After lunch and refueling, we turn our attention to the goal of the day – Arches National Park.

The entrance lies five miles northwest of Moab, and we make good time getting there, pausing to visit the gift shop and visitor’s center before going in, since we have no idea how long this trek will last. Luckily there is an audio CD tour of the park, transcribed from a tape, for us to listen to.

Mum is ill looking at the drive in – it’s another steep climbing road up a sheer cliff, but far newer and better built than the ones in Colorado – it takes us to the plateau where pinnacles and hoodoos – oddly sculpted stones that defy imagination and evoke images of creatures from turtles to rabbits appear to hide in the warped layered stone.

Much of the trek Mum and Trixie remain in the car; this is a fragile area, and they do not like dogs running around, and while it is a dry, windy gusty heat, the temperatures are up around 95 degrees during our visit. Even so, passing clouds lit with lightening try to threaten us away, causing the skies to darken and brighten during our too brief visit.


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