Day 7: Driving through the Rocky Mountains

Dillion Reservoir, next to I-70

Dillion Reservoir, next to I-70

We journeyed on, rejoining Interstate 70 for our trek through these seemingly endless towering mountains. Each community is clustered between the highway and the sheer walls, with their own local road that runs parallel to the busy interstate, and has one or two access points to the interstate – thus making interruptions of traffic by the local drivers, whose callousness makes a Boston Cabbie seem gentlemanly a rare thing on this highway.

In an effort to keep wildlife from being slaughtered by the endless onrushing traffic, fences line the highway along the more isolated sections, with a periodic ramp to allow the terrified creatures back into the wilderness. As it is, we see only one deer grazing in this wilderness, the rest of the creatures are either too smart to come close to the road, or have been exterminated by Colorado’s gun-toting natives.

We pass through a tunnel, and into a landscape that rivals the Swiss Alps; towering mountains, one taller than the next appear after every turn and twist in the road, a new delight to be admired for an instant as we race down the highway at speeds of around 75 miles per hour, trying to avoid or get around the mighty 18 wheeler trucks and the over laden campers that block our views. Cars going even faster regularly pass us.

There are a few scenic pull offs we pause at to get shots of a lake and mountains, perched high in the mountains as we drive onwards to the highest pass, some 10,000 feet above sea level. And we pause for lunch in Vail, Colorado, wasting time as always because these Westerners do not believe in proper signage and the elegant McDonalds is well-disguised by a church-like façade hidden by aspen.


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