Day 7: Buffalo Bill’s Gravesite

Buffalo Bill's well-protected gravesite.  No grave robber would dare swipe his body.

Buffalo Bill’s well-protected gravesite. No grave robber would dare swipe his body.

We ascend the small summit to Cody’s gravesite, an elaborate affair even by western standards – Westerners love their graveyards you see. The tombstone and coverings are a collection of brilliant white quartz rocks, glinting dully in the sun and standing out from the prevailing red patina that covers any exposed surface. A collection of tarnished brass nameplates are affixed to the mass, and it is all guarded by a cast iron fence with evil inward curving spikes to deter the most determined grave robber from desecrating the graves of Cody and his wife.

Returning and feeling the heat, Mum visited the gift shop – which makes the museum and grave look like a feeble appendix to the area – and returns empty-handed for a change. After seeing Mum and Trixie to the comfort of the car, Pops collected a few treasures – post cards, pins and a thin tome on Cody – and after depositing them with Mum, went into the museum, which was put in this modern building to make room for the expansive gift shop.

For its size and admission fees, the collection of artifacts is impressive – made more so that according to the panels, in 1913 the owner of the Denver Post graciously called in a loan of $6,000 Cody had taken out for his Wild West Show, by having the show seized by the sheriff and auctioned off, right down to Cody’s favorite horse. The horse was bought by a friend for $150 and returned to Cody. Still, it is another sobering tale of the sad state of Colorado’s humanity.

Once Pops was done, Mum went in to explore the crypt of collected artifacts, and Trixie took Pops went for a walk to view the scenery all around us. From here, you can see the Rockies as well, although the hillsides obscure the roads below.

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