Day 7: Ascending Mount Lookout

Golden Colorado and hairpin turns going up Mount Lookout.

Golden Colorado and hairpin turns going up Mount Lookout.

The hotel we stayed at in Golden Colorado was possibly the nicest thus far – it offered a full breakfast, and had plenty of ideas for redecorating our TV room at home.

The first leg of our trek west took us north to Lookout Mountain, a scenic drive that went up, up, and up this mountain just outside of Denver Colorado and its neighboring communities. It was a dizzying collection of switchbacks as you went higher into the alpine fields and forests, gazing at the red rocks and the mountains that towered even higher beyond.

Our first pause was at a bend in the road to view the switchbacks and Golden Colorado below; this was spectacular, despite the haze, and laid out the pattern to follow along this drive. Golden lies between this peak, and a pair of huge flat-topped mesas that are devoid of development, left in their primal state. The Coors brewing plant, nestled between them, sits like a child’s play blocks amidst the pebble-like collection of houses and strip malls that crowd in under the blue skies streaked with wisps of white clouds.

Opposite that view, hidden behind a ridge of rock, is a perilous view of the Rockies, some with snow-capped peaks in the distance, and the thin snakelike black streak of I-70 in the valley far, far below, the cars moving like ants through these towering mountains.


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