Day 6: Reaching Colorado

The start of the Rocky Mountains outside of Denver.

The start of the Rocky Mountains outside of Denver.

After pausing for lunch, we drove on, and reached Colorado’s borders – here the landscape changed dramatically, as trees all but vanished from view, and barren lumpy hills of gravel and sand dominated the landscape like undulating waves on the water. Farmsteads were few and far between, along with exits and signs of gas or stores. The few places we saw with life were vast fields filled with cattle, fenced in and awaiting their fate.

Reaching the outskirts of Denver, the Rockies appeared out of the overcast skies, dim brooding giants on the landscape, their ragged edges coming into focus as we drew closer and closer. Denver’s highways became more congested, and dirty, resembling parts of New Jersey, but newer still, and filled with idiot drivers who were impatient with visitors from the East Coast. Indeed, if New Jersey is the armpit of the nation, then Colorado is its mate, especially Denver, with its signs warning you not to pick up hitchhikers because there are state prisons everywhere it seems.

Their penchant for bad addresses and signage continues on – we missed the ‘official’ address of the hotel, and circled the block, much to the ire of an impatient driver. Upon checking in, which the room is indeed luxurious – an efficiency apartment, complete with a kitchen and a separate bedroom and a couch that I slept on – but there were no restaurants.

So we sallied forth, and chose to get food from a local chain restaurant. It cost twice as much as a McDonald’s meal at $19.00, and had enough grease to lubricate a locomotive. We returned to the hotel to dine at the table, and it was tasty, but didn’t set well.

After checking e-mails and calling home, we settled in for the night.

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