Day 5: Going through Missouri, Iowa and Nebraska

The Pettee House - a huge hotel turned museum!

The Pettee House – a huge hotel turned museum!

Trixie noticed that Hannibal and St Josephs did share the same delightful variety of buildings from the 19th century, in brick, stone and wood, in all shapes, sizes and style – an architect’s delight to behold. On the whole, St. Josephs were in far better repair than those in Hannibal.

From Saint Joseph we drove north, eventually passing into Iowa briefly, before passing over the Missouri and into Nebraska. Here we missed the Lewis and Clark interpretive center due to time constraints and the fact that the address did not register in the GPS.

Nebraska was akin to Missouri, but with far more fir and pine trees dotting the land, and as we went west, more cattle. The houses, lower and further between on the whole, but the highway was far busier, perhaps because of the weather troubles in Oklahoma and Kansas. Here the road follows the old train routes, which follow the old pioneer routes, which in turn follows the lazy turning Platte River. The Platte River, a tributary of the Missouri, is too shallow to use for transportation, but it was a vital water source for those heading west.

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