Day 5: The western side of St. Joseph’s

The old Pony Express Stables - now a very nice museum

The old Pony Express Stables – now a very nice museum

Pops went through the Pony Express Museum first, and reported favorably to Mum about it, so she went in; Trixie and Pops went for a short walk in the neighboring park, where a steam locomotive was on display, and a number of historic markers proclaimed the importance of this city in the westward expansion. Trixie though had other plans, and insisted that we return to the car to wait – and wait.

Once Mom was done touring, we paused at two other sites in this historic corner of the city; the Fireman’s museum, a tiny little station with an apathetic keeper tending a oily greasy collection of engines, and the more impressive Petee House, a grand brick hotel that was the main office of the Pony Express, and is reputed to have the best western museum pieces in the country, including the house Jesse James was shot in, complete with the bullet hole. We lacked time to go in and look at such morbid curiousities, or the other artifacts, but Pops took many photos outside before we left to find lunch and return to our trek.


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