Day 4 – The second floor of Lincoln’s Home

The second floor is accessed by narrow stairs in the entry hall; on the second floor, the guest bedroom is to the left on the street corner; Lincoln’s bedroom to the right, occupied by a replica of a four poster bed like the one he once slept in – the actual bed was sold to a fellow from Chicago, and lost in the Great Chicago Fire. But his shaving mirror was there, at the height that indicated he was a tall man.

Mary Lincoln had her own bedroom behind his, and bedrooms were behind to the back for Robert and the maid. Another set of stairs, small and hidden, led down the back to the small kitchen, smaller than our own, centered about an iron woodstove, awaiting the next Raspberry or Strawberry Social Mrs. Lincoln might hold – a sort of after-dinner dessert meeting. The last one attracted 700 people to come over after dinner for dessert and a meet & greet we are told.

Exiting the back, there was a modest green lawn that led to the Presidential Privy, a three-holer that used barrels to accommodate women’s hoop skirts of the era.


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